Retreat addresses strategic planning goals

November 9, 2012

Attendees participate in group activity during strategic planning retreat

The college’s strategic planning process is making continual progress. A retreat was held on Saturday, Nov. 3, for a group of some 60 members of the campus community. It was attended by faculty, staff, students, administrators, alumni, College Council members, and Foundation Board members.  The group represented a broad spectrum of perspectives. They spent the day working with a consultant, Dr. William Weary of Fieldstone Consulting, through workshops, planning exercises, and small and large group discussions.

“Coming together for this retreat was a positive step in the strategic planning process,” said Pat Sullivan, who, with Stella Turk, co-chairs the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. “It served to identify some issues that need to be addressed through the plan, which had been our goal for the retreat. It also invigorated a real enthusiasm within everyone involved about the course we will take moving forward, which surpassed our expectations. It was very exciting,” she said.

The Steering Committee will now develop a draft plan based on the outcome of the retreat. For more information about the retreat and the development of the college’s strategic planning process, click here.

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