SUNY policies and procedures made more easily available

November 29, 2012

The Research Foundation (RF) for SUNY has announced that its policies and procedures for the research grant cycle will be made available on a public website. The new site will feature a key word search in order to help users quickly find documents. An alphabetical index will also facilitate the user experience.

“The accomplishment of this key operational goal provides a valuable and desired service to our campuses and sponsors, and supports our commitment to transparency to our public constituencies and stakeholders,” said Research Foundation President Dr. Timothy Killeen. “The public posting of this information allows sponsors of SUNY research to see how our policies and procedures conform to federal and state laws and regulations, and enables RF employees at campus locations across the state to perform their work more efficiently and effectively. This has been a collaborative effort across the SUNY research enterprise to which campus input and expertise was essential.”

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