Student artwork and faculty essay published in “Keep Delete”

January 14, 2013
Artwork by Sarah Hefetz featured in “Keep Delete”

Artwork by Sarah Hefetz featured in “Keep Delete”

Digital illustrations by undergraduate graphic design students in Professor Amy Papaelias’s (Art) Spring 2012 Interaction Design, an upper-level course in the Graphic Design Program, were selected for publication in “Keep Delete: turning messages into keepsakes” (October 2013, CreateSpace) by Andrea Wilkinson, Lecturer at the Media, Arts, Design faculty in Limburg, Belgium.

“Keep Delete” is about turning digital messages on the verge of being forgotten, deleted, outdated, or even lost into tangible artifacts. The publication includes more than 100 designed artifacts from designers, students, and artists from around the world and essays from designers reflecting on the relationship between design and digital communication. An essay by Professor Papaelias, “Visual Cues: Expressive Orthography in Digital Conversations,” is also included in the book.

Students whose work is included in the book are Darrell Hanley ’12 (Graphic Design), Nicole Pagano ’13 (Graphic Design), Christina Sharp ’13 (Graphic Design), Rachael Kubikowski ’12 (Graphic Design), Stephen Nachreiner ’12 (Graphic Design), Jamie Porciello ’13 (Graphic Design), and Sarah Hefetz ’12 (Visual Arts). Illustrations by three of the students, Kubikowski, Sharp, and Hefetz, are featured on the publication’s cover.

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