A global view of the New Paltz alumni community

February 11, 2013

President Donald P. Christian

President Christian has announced the formation of a task force that will be charged with creating a draft mission statement and a draft strategic plan for the office of alumni relations. “We are a global institution with graduates living in countries around the world,” he said. “We have an obligation―indeed, a privilege―to engage them in the exciting future that awaits their alma mater.”

In an email sent to all faculty and staff, Christian stated: “We have an opportunity right now to do a vastly better job than we have done in building a worldwide community of SUNY New Paltz alumni. Strengthening our ties with our graduates is not only the right thing to do but it is something we must do if the College is to thrive and continue to educate new generations of students.”

Read more, including the full text of President Christian’s charge to the task force, here.

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