IDMH announces spring conference

February 25, 2013

The 10th annual Institute for Disaster Mental Health (IDMH) conference will be organized around the theme, “Radical Readiness: Preparing for Dirty Bombs, Nuclear Disaster, and Other Radiation Emergencies.” It will take place on campus on Friday, April 19.

The conference will provide training and planning opportunities to strengthen our community’s preparedness for catastrophic radiological events. The conference and training will provide a timely and important opportunity for new information and recommendations to be presented and discussed, and incorporated into planning procedures for multiple organizations that would need to collaborate in any response. Presenters will include representatives from New York State agencies and other experts in radiological preparedness, who will present perspectives, recommendations, and updates from their respective fields.

“In the midst of all the other catastrophes and disasters we cannot lose sight of the fact that radiological preparedness is as important as gun safety and hurricane preparedness,” said Greg Brunelle, Director, New York State Office of Emergency Management “The information learned here will be invaluable if we are to face radiation disasters.”

The conference is sponsored by New York State Office of Emergency Management, Campus Auxiliary Services, and The Bookstore at New Paltz. Program details, presenter biographies, and registration instructions can be found here.

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