Recyclemania returns!

March 11, 2013

With three weeks to go in this friendly competition, Recyclemania is once again helping to reduce waste and increase recycling activities and awareness on campus. Kelly Drummond ’13 (Geology), president of New Paltz’s Recycling Club, is thrilled with the level of participation.

“Recyclemania has been going on for five years. It’s still fairly new, but each year it gets more recognition,” says Drummond. “One of the differences I’ve noticed between last year and this year is a lot more people are wanting to get involved. This year, people have been approaching me and asking how they can help, what they can do.”

Student enthusiasm is also showing in the numbers. Each residence hall is weighing their recycled goods weekly, and this year’s weights have increased significantly over last year—around one additional pound per person.

Drummond is doing her best to increase awareness of the program on campus. “I’ve been putting signs up around campus about the program and also what to recycle and what not to recycle,” says Drummond. She also writes the Green Thinking at New SUNY New Paltz blog and helps to maintain the Recycling Club’s Facebook page, which includes tips on recycling as well as updates on the Recyclemania competition.

New Paltz Recycling Club

New Paltz Recycling Club

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