Alumni engagement initiative submitted by task force

August 12, 2013
Commencement 2013

Commencement 2013

A strategic plan has been developed to engage the college’s worldwide community of graduates in the life of SUNY New Paltz in new and meaningful ways. This plan was drafted by a task force of alumni, faculty, staff, and administrators appointed by President Donald Christian this spring; the final draft of the report was submitted to President Christian on July 24.

The task force conducted focus group interviews with alumni and current students and reviewed and analyzed archival information, publications, and research on alumni relations regarding best practices of colleges and universities around the country. Selected recommendations of the draft include:

•  To develop a broadly representative alumni advisory board that will work with the Director of Alumni Relations and college faculty and administration to advance the objectives of the strategic plan.

•  To create institutional services specifically designed for alumni, including career and professional development services and opportunities, and promotion of opportunities for new graduates.

•  To expand opportunities for alumni involvement in the college, serving as guest speakers or project mentors, assisting with new student recruitment, and arranging internships and volunteer experiences for students.

•  To develop programs and activities on-campus and around the globe that bring alumni together for social and intellectually enriching experiences.

•  To develop social networking sites that promote alumni interaction with other alumni and with faculty and staff.

“Strengthening ties with alumni will be one of our highest strategic priorities during the next several years,” Christian said. “Alumni embody the values included in our institution’s DNA, and they are an essential part of our community today and for the future.”

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