New Paltz welcomes new faculty

September 3, 2013

new facultyThe Division of Academic Affairs hosted an all-day New Faculty Orientation  to welcome 22 new full-time faculty members representing 13 academic departments. The event was held in the Terrace on Wednesday, Aug. 21. Pictured here: (row 1, seated L to R): Stephen Pampinella (Political Science & International Relations), Huicheng Chien (Geography), Alex Peh (Music), Kiersten Greene (Elementary Education), Rabab Abi-Hanna (Mathematics), Laura Turner (Mathematics), Lidia Bloshanskaya (Mathematics), Keely Heuer (Art History), Victoria Chiu (Business); row 2 (standing, L to R): Carolyn Corrado (Sociology), Andrea Gatzke (History), Kaustubh Patwardhan (Geology), Cliff Evans (Psychology), Hanmo Zhang (Languages, Literatures & Cultures), Rúben Maillo-Pozo (Languages, Literatures & Cultures), Nathen Clerici (Languages, Literatures & Cultures), Michael Viega (Music Therapy), S. Ryan Huddy (Mathematics), Sheila Goloborotko (Art), Amy Van Pelt (Mathematics).

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