Tenure & Reappointment

September 3, 2013

Academic Affairs announces the following continuing appointments and promotions for academic faculty:

Awarded continuing appointment and promoted to associate professor:

Karanja Keita Carroll (Black Studies)

Natalie Cartwright (Mathematics)

Megan Ferguson (Chemistry)

Patricia Fitzpatrick (Languages, Literatures & Cultures)

James Fossett (Art)

Ken Goldstein (Theatre Arts)

Judith Halasz (Sociology)

Mary Holland (English)

Ben Junge (Anthropology)

Daniel Lipson (Political Science & International Relations)

Kate McCoy (Educational Studies)

Cyrus Mulready (English)

Jill Parisi-Phillips (Art)

John Rayburn (Geology)

Jeffrey Reinking (Biology)

Corwin Senko (Psychology)

Anyuan Shen (Business)

Akira Shimada (History)

Hamilton Stapell (History)

Daniel Werner (Philosophy)


Promoted to Full Professor:

Lee Bernstein (History)

Giordana Grossi (Psychology)

Paul Kassel (Fine & Performing Arts)

Maureen Morrow (Biology)

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