Human Resources

September 23, 2013

The Office of Human Resources has announced the College’s new hires, promotions, and transfers for August 2013.

Professional faculty hires:

Ruth Boetcker (Library) Assistant to the Dean of the Library

Anthony Dirusso (Residence Life) Complex Director

Catherine Hoselton (Sponsored Programs) Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs

David Kasson (Psychological Counseling Center) Senior Counselor

Courtney McDermott (Educational Opportunity Program) Advisor

Sandy Pincay (Residence Life) Complex Director

Matthew Righter (Athletics, Wellness and Recreation) Head Baseball Coach

Kelly Young (Residence Life) Complex Director

Emily Zurner (Career Resource Center) Senior Career Specialist for LA&S


Classified staff new hire:

Michelle Laudicina (Student Health Services) Keyboard Specialist 1


Classified staff promotions:

Theresa Mercatili (Facility Operations) Janitor

Martha Teck (Records & Registration) Clerk 2

Michelle Higgins (Records & Registration) Clerk 2

Erik Rider (Facility Operations) Grounds Worker

Classified staff transfer:

Ellyn Riggins  (Payroll) Accounts Payable/Calculations Clerk 2

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