Students selected for fall 2013 AYURE awards

October 7, 2013

Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities (RSCA) has announced the fall 2013 Academic Year Undergraduate Research Experience (AYURE) awards. The following seven students and eight professor mentors will participate in academic research supported by AYURE: Kelly Gluchowski ’14 (Environmental Geochemical Science), Kimberly Lane ’15 (Biology), Hannah Miller ’14 (Biology, Spanish), Kathleen Betuel ’14 (Biology, Chemistry), Ryan Murray ’14 (Printmaking, Psychology), Morgan Campbell ’14 (Biology), and Emily Rouse ’14 (Biochemistry). Students will be working with professor mentors Megan Ferguson (Chemistry), Richard Halpern (Physics), Spencer Mass (Biology), Maureen Morrow (Biology), Hon Ho (Biology), Jill Parisi-Phillips (Art/Printmaking), Jason Valens (Biology) and Jennifer Waldo (Biology). For more information on these research projects, click here.

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