Financial literacy workshop introduced during freshman orientation

October 28, 2013

New students were welcomed to campus with a collaborative workshop offered by the Office of Financial Aid and the Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC). The workshop, “HESC Money Wi$e,” focused on financial literacy and was attended by approximately 900 first-year students during freshmen orientation.  Topics included smart borrowing, credit cards, identity theft, and budgeting.

“The workshop was interactive and allowed students the chance to win prizes for answering questions correctly,” said Financial Aid Advisor Camille Suckie.  “Overall, students gained valuable knowledge on developing healthy financial habits early on in life.  The Office of Financial Aid would like to thank the offices of CAS, the Graduate School, Student Development and HESC for their valuable help in making the workshop a success!”

For more information regarding financial literacy for students, go to and click on “Cash Course.”

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